Our know-how

Step 1

The skecth

The sketch is a first artistic drawing especially made to be adapted to our knitting machines.

Step 2

The translation
to the machine

The drawing is then translated into digital data to be read by the machine.

Step 3


We prepare raw materials and put them on rolls adapted to our machines.

Step 4


For the realization of laces, machines can welcome up to 10,000 threads !

Step 5

Grege control

The grege pieces are checked before being put into dying process.

Step 6

Dyeing process

The laces are dyed according to our range of colors or according the our customers’ own colors

Step 7

Quality control

Upon return from dyeing, Lace is being checked according to precise specifications: colors conformity, staining, width, dimensional stability...

Step 8

Cutting the strips

The operation of cutting the lace can be performed according to different techniques.

Step 9

Control and packing

All our qualities, stripes and allovers are internally controlled before being shipped.

Step 10

The stock

The 300 references of our collection are always stocked and available in at least Black, White and Cream colors. Most of them have a developed color range.

Step 11


The sampling service allows our customers to have a quick look and feel of the requested products.

Step 12

The shipment

Thanks to our large stock, goods can be shipped on the same day that the customers place their orders.

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